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Meetings and Events

The Northeastern Wisconsin Woodworkers Guild holds monthly meetings and hosts events and programs throughout the year. Click location for information about where monthly meetings are held. Click events sponsored by other organizations to see other related events that might interest you.

Monthly Meetings:

Monthly meetings feature presentations of interest to woodworkers. They are typically held at 7pm on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Please click Upcoming Meetings to check details below or look in the current newsletter in Newsletters. The exceptions when monthly meetings do not take place include the month of the Spring Woodworking Show, August Picnic, and December Potluck celebration.

Examples of past program topics include:

  • Glues and adhesives
  • Turning
  • Spalted wood
  • Flute making
  • Many more

Suggestions for programs are always welcome. Past programs are recorded and available in the library under the category “meeting.”

Meetings also include time for questions, help from other woodworkers, and sharing of accomplishments (Woodworker’s Show and Tell).

There is also a “sub-group” of carvers who hold an additional monthly gathering with “hands-on” sessions focusing on carving techniques, sharpening, design, and painting.

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Upcoming Meetings:

Big Log Milling and Single Slab Tables –  Wednesday, February 19, 2020 at 7:00pm,  

By Brendan Biller-Urban Wood salvage

Brendan Biller, owner of the woods unlimited LLC specializes in salvaging large logs from residential settings after removal from storm damage, disease or development.  Brendan will share his journey learning the processes, and building a business, from sourcing logs to finishing slab wood furniture, and all the steps and fun in the middle.  Brendan provided the following summary of his presentation:

My introduction to woodworking began in 2007 with a job as a hand peeler for a log home company where I both learned the log building trade and parlayed my access to a production sawmill and wood shop and access to “scrap” to begin building furniture.  I started to build outdoor furniture with cedar scrap and rails that I sourced through a local tree service. Soon I would be in need of larger higher quality materials as my projects and skills developed. I had access to a mill for milling small logs but after seeing the large single slab table tops in the homes in the log home magazines I knew what needed to be done. I bought a 120cc chainsaw and an alaskan mill attachment that would mill up to 52 inches wide. 

With the connections I had made with a couple local tree services it didn’t take long to track down a few logs. Over the last 13 years I have learned a great deal about what goes into proper handling and processing of these rare oversized gems. I have recently set up an LLC and am a member of Wisconsin Urban Wood, a non profit agency dedicated to utilizing the urban forest products that have historically been overlooked as a timber products and been processed into mulch, firewood or landfilled.  I will share my philosophy, tools, processes for sourcing, hauling, milling, stacking and drying slabs for the best quality finished product.

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Upcoming Events & Programs:

February 19, 2020:  Live Edge Slabs, by Brendan Biller

March 21 – 22, 2020:  Spring Show @ Southwest High School, Green Bay

April 15, 2020:  Poured Epoxy Tabletops, by Joel Boldig

Events Sponsored by Other Organizations:

A New Woodcarving Club

A new woodcarving club is forming in the Green Bay area. The first meeting will take place April 16 at 6:30 PM, at the Brown County Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) located at 300 S. Adams St. Anyone interested in woodcarving, from beginner to seasoned veteran, is welcome to attend. As of now, the club is limited to those 16 years or older, but that may change in the future. Experienced carvers should bring their own projects and tools. Starter projects and assistance will be provided for beginners.  No registration is required.

For more information please contact Dan Hemminger at dlhemminger01@gmail.com or call 920-433-0141.

2020 U.S. Bodgers Ball and Greenwood Fest

Midwest Tool Collectors National Meeting 

Spring 2020, Jun 17-20, 2020, Green Bay, Radisson Motel and Conference Center

           Local program chair, Larry Thorson (608) 779-0966

Midwest Tool is a national group whose members use, collect and trade vintage tools, primarily woodworking tools but also other specialty tools.   The group also has compiled volumes of vintage tool information.   The demonstrations and trade table will feature 100’s of vintage tools.  If you would like to find the value of granddads tool(s) this would be a likely group to help.    

With a modest membership fee and daily attendance fee, new members are able to   “shop for tools” or participate in any other activities. Attending spouses are also required to register. A badge issued at registration is required to attend all meeting activities and is strictly enforced.

The fee is typically on the order of $60 for all three days. Saturday is the only day a member can register ($25) for a single day. Individuals who would like to join at the meeting can pay the $25 membership fee and receive complimentary registration for the Saturday only portion of the meeting.

Monthly Meeting Location:

Ashwaubenon High School

Current location for monthly programs is Ashwaubenon High School, 2391 S. Ridge Rd. Enter from the west side of the building, through entrance W 21, and turn right to the meeting room. There will be signs to direct you.