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Barry Bender

Scroll Saw Techniques


  • Sunday, October 9, 2022 @ 12:00 – 2:00pm

Cost:  $20.00

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Barry has been into scroll sawing for about 28 years. He is a retired machinist and tool maker. He has been a woodworker for almost 50 years. He got into scroll sawing because he no longer needed to make furniture, but wanted to continue woodworking. Scroll sawing became a hobby he truly enjoyed and would love to share.

In this class you will learn that scroll sawing is much easier than you may think. It is an economical investment for a hobby that takes up little space. It is also pretty safe compared to other types of woodworking. Scroll saws are about as noisy and intimidating as a sewing machine. School age children have no problem using them.

In this class Barry will cover the fundamentals of scroll sawing as well as very advanced uses.

He will show simple tricks that make a difficult situation easy and show that you can do more than just cut wood on a scroll saw He will cover compound cutting, cutting nonferrous metal, cutting corian, and LP records.

Most of the presentation will be Power Point. There will be a scroll saw at the class as well. This will be a chance for you to ask questions and get information about resources available..

Scroll Saw Picture of Deer
Scroll Saw Picture
Scroll Saw Picture