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Paul Murphy

Realistic Pyrography
Date/Time: Saturday, October 16, 2021 @ 2:00 – 3:45pm
Cost: $10.00

The one aspect that permeates Paul Murphy’s artwork is his love of nature, especially wildlife. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Paul spent his childhood on a farm with his parents and 12 siblings. His favorite pass times included hunting and fishing.

After working 25 years in Paper industry as a millwright/construction, Paul welcomed the opportunity to try a new endeavor. His love for nature brought him into the woods where he and his twin brother began a small part time logging operation. It was during his time in the woods, surrounded by a variety of native tree species, that Paul was introduced to the unique characteristics each one held. The distinctive differences in color, texture, and grain patterns naturally creates a rare platform for art.

With Paul’s curiosity peaked, he was on the path to discovering the hidden potential of an unsightly burrow “knot”. In most circumstances during logging operations, this one of a kind pieces of wood would be left to decay on the forest floor. However, Paul tries to bring the wood back to life by burning something nice on it so it can be enjoyed for years to come.

Paul is a self-taught pyrographic artist who designs and burns using various types of pyrographic techniques. He specializes in the area of high realism, wildlife, and miniature burns. Since his retirement Paul’s creative drive and passion has increased. He continues to experiment with a variety of pyrographic techniques and unique materials including gourds, tagua nut, leather, paper, etc.

He uses very fine tips to burn the finest detail of realism in each piece. Often, it will become a much better piece of Art, with that WOW factor, by adding color to parts of the design, in which case he uses oil.

Paul enjoys giving back to the community. His volunteer work includes free pyrographic instruction to 4-H groups in Marinette and Oconto counties, as well as the local boy-scout troop. He participated in “show and share” at the middle school to expose the children to the pyrographic art form. He has donated many pieces of art to various organizations seeking silent auction items. It gives him a great sense of satisfaction when his artwork can help support the goal of the organization.

For the Spring Show Paul will be sharing the steps necessary to Create the Art for his soon to be published article on “The Blue Dasher” dragonfly and cone flowers, through Fox Chapel Publishing Co. He will demonstrate and show all the steps and techniques to burn the entire piece. Then he will demonstrate and show how to lay out a color palette in oil and demonstrate how to paint the transparency on the dragonfly and its wings as well as the coneflower and leaves. He will provide an assortment of handouts, along with a slide presentation in close up detail, to further your information.

It is his desire that when you leave this class you will be inspired to take the next step in your own art or try something new. The challenge is worth the trip!

Paul has two large galleries just North of Green bay, in Abrams, WI. He invites you to visit, just call ahead to ensure they are open.

920-883-6089 or 920-604-0152