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Woodworking has many facets and our Guild has many members skilled in many areas. Click the buttons below to see a descriptions and images of some of the Types of Woodworking our members are skilled in.


Woodworking by use of a cutting tool to yield a figure, or the sculptural ornamentation of a wooden object.


Woodturning is a form of woodworking that is used to create wooden objects on a lathe. Woodturning differs from most other forms of woodworking in that the wood is moving while a stationary tool is used to cut and shape it. Many intricate shapes and designs can be made by turning wood.

(Wood Burning)

Pyrography, wood burning, or pyrogravure is the art of decorating wood with burn marks via a heated object. It is also known as poker-work. The term means “writing with fire”, from the Greek pur (fire) and graphos (writing).

Scroll Sawing

The freehand cutting of intricate shapes in relatively thin wood. The scroll saw uses thin blades that allow cutting very small radius curves and delicate cuts, such as for inlays. Works can range from flat, plaque style, to elaborate 3-D structures.

Intarsia and Marquetry
(Wood Mosaics)

Marquetry: a form of inlay in which pieces of veneer are cut into shapes and inserted into another piece of veneer, which is then laminated to another surface, such as boxes or furniture.

Intarsia: a mosaic-like design that uses varied shapes, sizes, and species of wood fitted together to create an illusion of depth.

Construction Related

Furniture: from the basic, functional 3-legged stool, to detailed cabinetry, furniture making remains a mainstay of woodworking.

Boxes: At once functional and decorative, boxes can be made by many techniques, including (but not limited to) band sawing, turning, and traditional dovetail joinery.

Repair and Restoration: Items of importance are worth preserving. Restoration and repair require knowledge of the original construction methods, as well as salvage skills.



Many woodworking items do not fit neatly in categories. Here are a several examples: